Vote for Agents of Ki as Best High Fantasy Novel of 2015!!!

Vote for Agents of Ki

Yay!  Agents of Ki made FINALIST in the eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards contest for Best High Fantasy Novel of 2015.  The first three stages were nomination and curated examination by the eFestival of Words judges.  Hundreds of fantasy novels were whittled down to a Final Seven.

The final stage, however, is by popular vote.  To win, Agents of Ki must get more votes than the other six fantasy novels, every one of them a fine work of art.  Most of the other books are by authors with much more established readerships than I have, so I need every vote I can get!

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Cute cat-meme of author begging….

Please mosey on over to the eFestival of Words website to give Agents of Ki a vote!  You need to sign up first so they can make sure nobody tries to cheat by stuffing the ballot-box.  To entice you to hop on over, I wrote a little blurb there in the thread beneath the ballot box about how the cover art for Agents of Ki came into being, including the symbols and inspirations included in the image.


Thanks so much for voting!!!

Anna Erishkigal

What if you could do it over again?

P.S. – and as a bribe thank you gift for taking the time to vote, ‘here’s a *FREE* download of my novelette The Watchmaker, a time travel story about a girl who wins a chance to relive a single hour of her life.  Just click on the format logo you need below and the Kindle and .epub editions will instantly download to the ‘downloads’ folder of your device, where you will need to manually side-load it onto your e-reader.   The .pdf version will open up in a new window, which you can then download.  If you have any problems getting your thank you gift, feel free to CONTACT ME and I’ll see if we can’t get it straightened out?

~Ask how you can win an hour in time…~

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REGISTRATION INFO:  When you first click-through, it will bring you to a blank page.  Click ‘register’ in the top toolbar (just beneath the logo) and it will bring you to a registration page.  At the bottom of that page is a little video CAPTCHA that’s a short advertisement from Citizen’s Bank and a couple of other sponsors (as eFestival of Words is non-profit).  When you click ‘play’ a message that says ‘Please Enter: XXX’ will show up in the black bar at the bottom of the video.  Type that in as your CAPTCHA and then click enter.  The ad pays for eFestival to keep up their website for the coming year, nothing more.  Otherwise they never email you except to invite you to nominate books in early spring, vote come July, and then announce the winners in August. Just click the link above a second time and it will bring you to the High Fantasy voting page.

P.P.S. – please consider voting for my friends in some of the other author sub-categories?

BEST CHILDREN’S BOOK – A Secret In Time (Big Honey Dog Mysteries) by H.y. Hanna (Wisheart Press) –

BEST MYSTERY/SUSPENSE NOVEL – Deadly Betrayal (Deadly Vices Book 3) by Kristine Cayne –

BEST SHORT STORY – Romeo Down by Dale Amidei –

BEST THRILLER – Absinthe and Chocolate by Dale Amidei –

BEST SCIENCE FICTION – Dakiti by E.J. Fisch –

BEST ANTHOLOGY –  Wicked Seasons: The Journal of New England Horror Writers, Volume II –