Drabble: A Preference for Imaginary Friends

stock image licensed from Deposit Photos
stock image licensed from Deposit Photos

I was organizing my notebook from a writer’s conference I went to last summer and, lo! Here’s a cute little drabble I wrote for one of their writing exercises. I can’t remember what the writing prompt was for this, I think I was supposed to NOT use something, but darned if I can’t remember what. When The Dark Lord’s Vessel is finished, you’ll see some of this drabble incorporated into one of the chapters. 🙂  Just for fun…



I pull out my noise-cancelling headphones. “What?”

Victoria stands before me, wielding a rubber spatula like a weapon. “Catherine ate all the chocolate chips!”

I sighed. “What do you want me to do about it?”

“Make her give them back!”

I sigh, and then give her a mischievous grin. “She already ate them?”


“And you want them back?”


“Then I suggest you go into the bathroom and wait for them to reappear.”

Confusion crosses her face which, despite her father’s broad nose, promises to transform some day into a great beauty. It takes a moment before she wrinkles up her nose.


I laugh at her revulsion. My husband says I’m a bad influence, always cracking slightly-inappropriate jokes, playing the stereo too loud, or encouraging them to dress up in costumes and pretend to be somebody else, but sometimes I enjoy being the bad parent. Why do they always get to be naughty, play with dolls, and run around? Sometimes want to be the naughty one.

“I’ll talk to her.” I rise from my chair and place the headphones next to my keyboard. In her long, blonde hair, I spy a partially melted smear of brown. “I thought you said she ate all the chocolate chips?”

“Yes! She ate them! Catherine always eats everything when I cook!”

I pick the chocolate chip out of her hair. “What about this?”

Victoria’s face drops.

“I only ate half,” she says. “I needed the other half to make the cookies.”

With a sigh, I turn back to my keyboard and put the noise cancelling headphones back on to drown out her cries of being victimized. And people wonder why I prefer my imaginary friends?