For U.S. Military

Military gets for Free Graphic

While I can’t reach across the ocean to shake your hand, what I can do is email you an electronic copy of every book I have free of charge to share freely with the other men and women in your unit.

Use my CONTACT FORM to tell me what format(s) you need. It would be nice if you could tell me where you are stationed, but if you are not at liberty to discuss it, I will take your word for it and send them to you.

Australian? British? Canadian? Or one of the other allied forces down in the trenches, fighting alongside American troops? Speak on up! You cover our butts, I share. 🙂

You are the wind beneath our wings.

Thank you!

Anna Erishkigal

P.S. – Visit my fellow authors who also offer books *FREE* to active military in a war zone:

Rhonda Hopkins (dark fiction, paranormal fantasy and horror)



I put my heroes through hell…