Russian Pусский Language Books


I’ve had the privilege of visiting friends in Russia twice, plus ‘borrowed’ my friend’s daughters and their friends a few times as exchange students to keep my own kids busy and happy. I speak ‘турист России’ which is pretty bad. But my friends wanted to read my books, so lucky for me, I know some talented young women who speak Russian!

Someday I hope to get them all translated, but for now, this is what I currently have available. Just click the book cover and it should bring you to the description page.

The Watchmaker Russian Language Edition EBOOK cover 150dpi
What if you won the chance to re-live a single hour of your life? If you could change the past, would you?


Either ‘A Gothic Christmas Angel’ or ‘The Auction’ will be next. Depends on what I can sweet-talk my ‘Russian daughter’ Ksusha into translating for me [*hint*]. She went to the Academy of Notre Dame in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts with my own eldest daughter, so she does a really nice job.


I put my heroes through hell…