Angel of Death: A Love Story


Azrael Thanatos wants nothing more than to follow in the footsteps of his scientist mother. Sent to study humans on a wager between the Eternal Emperor and Shay’tan, he has no idea Earth is gateway to a fiery prison. Far from home, he is befriended by Elissar, a precocious child with silver eyes. When Moloch instigates an invasion of Carthage to escape, Azrael sacrifices his life to snatch Elissar from the Devourer of Children’s maw.

Saved by a mysterious mother-goddess, Azrael is given a new mission. Watchman. Roaming the Earth without shape or form, he searches for those who would help Moloch escape and drags them back to Gehenna, a prison which only Lucifer, debauch son of the Emperor, holds the key. It’s a hellish immortality, for who wants to serve alongside the Fallen or exist when no living creature can survive your touch? Ki promised he would see Elissar again, but as time grinds civilizations into dust, Azrael begins to lose hope.

Then one day a child takes his hand and lives…

Life for Elizabeth is not easy. The Angel of Death took her family the night a drunk driver plowed through a stop sign and left her in a wheel chair. Azrael is forbidden to interfere as she bounces through foster homes, hardship, and grueling rehabilitation. Then one day he is forced to reveal he is not a figment of her imagination. Oh, how she hates this angel who has taken everyone she ever loved! She will defeat him! Even if she has to squeeze the life force from her own body! The invasion of Iraq inspires her to join the Army and become a trauma nurse, unaware Death has fallen in love with the woman who can defeat him.

Will she take his hand a second time?

“This book provides a sympathetic portrayal of the Angel of Death and Lucifer. It does for the Bible what ‘Wicked’ does for ‘The Wizard of Oz’.” –Reader review

“This is not a light-hearted fantasy. It is serious, complex, transcendental, and at times, heartbreaking.” –Reader review

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